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Celovec lives 
This year also in Klagenfurt one work from NAME: appeared. on the „Neuer Platz“, one of the main squares of the captial city of Carinthia, where you can now read the lettering „Celovec Lives“. For the public the work by NAME: is not visible, but it is there anyhow.

The added word LIVES next to a graffiti work, means that a graffiti writer died. In the graffiti subculture dead graffiti artists get a huge respect from the community. A lot of active writers are painting the names of the deceased writers after their death. As a sign of recognition they add the word LIVES next to their names.
This is the reason why NAME: also attached the word LIVES next to the Slovenian word CELOVEC (Klagenfurt). The Slovenian minority in Austria is having a huge struggle for their existence for more than a century. 
In summary NAME: refers to the focus of this exhibition which tells a lot about how culture is constantly changing and how we can use culture for changing a language terminology, that was adapted in the whole world. The terminology which was created by writers in the 1970s is still used by this subculture.

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